Dear Diary today I saw a boy;
And i wondered if he noticed,
he took my breath away
dear diary i can't get him off my mind
and it scares me cause i have never felt this way
no one in this world knows me better then you
so diary i confide in you

dear diary today i saw that boy
as he walked by i thought he smiled at me
and i wondered does he knows whats in my heart
i tried to smile but i could hardly breathe
should i tell him how i feel or would that scare him away
diary tell me what to do
please tell me what to say,

dear diary one touch of his hand
now i can't wait to see that boy again
he smiled and i thought my heart could fly
diary do you think we could be more then friends? (yeaaaah oooooh)
I have a feeling we'll be so much more then friends

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