Jesus, much like the scarecrow, is there for protection. The world views Jesus as hollow and lifeless; however, He is the light of the world for all who have the courage to believe. Jesus on the cross weathered the storm of all mankind's sins. He stood alone as a gift of love to the world." There you stand, arms out and wide Like forbidden fruit to the squinting eyes Gather us together under your almighty wings Bruise the head and see what tomorrow brings Hand to the plow, forgiving multitudes Give them compassion, why are they afraid of you Proud at the altar, vain before the throne If you are blameless throw the stone Scarecrow all alone Scarecrow bring your children home Betrayed by a friend, hung out to dry Alone in the end, stretched across the sky Eclipse the sun, they know not what they do They say if God is love why would He be so cruel

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