"If you try and walk this Earh alone
The jackal cry can chill you to the bone
But you are a warrior, Death has no sting
Searching the ruins for the angel with the broken wing
You saw the dragon fall, a sword through his heart
His kingdom divided, torn apart
Battlelines are drawn, the streets are clear
The city is hidden (in a holy fear) (?)
Fog is thick and turning wet
Flame boiling and makes them sweat
Legs grow weary, arms are weak
Throat so dry you can hardly speak
Cobwebs string across your path
The glistens of steel of the swords to clash
Batting eyes, the wars still rage
Those beastly demons before me... on stage!"

I'm standing on the sword of the dragon
He can't pull it from beneath my feet
Down in the darkened cavern
In the field of blood, I'll watch him bleed
Watching the smoke rise from the wounded hero
Standing dazed in the acid rain
A bitter taste is in the air
I hear the danger of the tightening chains

Heroes, Heroes
Heroes are not here to stay
They will all fade away
Except the One who raised

I crawled through the ruins of old
Beneath its rubble lies a city of gold
My hands are chapped and bleeding cold
Returning all the riches that have been stolen

The people stand in the streets to stare
The hangman released his chilling cry
The heavens split to sear the earth
The serpent is wrenching his silent sigh


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