Nothin's ever quite the way you think
Sometimes I can't see what's in front of me
I know you look at me as just a friend
That's all I am and all I've ever been
It took a little time for me to see
That I could fall for you so easily
I believe that you were heaven sent
I may never get this chance again
To tell you that
I want you more than words can say
I gotta have you in rach and every way
I'm open
'N' I was hopin' we could take it
All the way
I need you when all is said and done
I really need you 'cause you're the one
I love you
'N' I was hopin' we could take it
All the way
You can tell me if you don't agree
That this is happening so suddenly
But if you ever think of you and me or me and you
And how good it could be
Then let me love you Let me in your life
Let me take you up to higher heights
Life without you girl would be punishment
I believe that to be is meant
You're everywhere I wanna be
Seen everything I need to see
I'm falling like stars from the sky
There's no more questions or why
I know you want me too
From this moment we're starting anew
And everything I do
I do for you

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