Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...
Do you hear voices? You do. So you are possessed.
You are a believer born again and yet you hear voices and you are possessed.
Okay, now are you ready Elizabeth(?).
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...
Put your hand over there. [???????????????????]
Okay sister, you have a Jezebel Spirit within you. You have a Spirit of Grief, and you have a Spirit of Destruction.
Jezebel! Spirit of Grief! Spirit of Destruction! I bind you with chains of iron! I bind you [??????] be bound in heaven! Lessen your hold and come out of her now!

Start blowing out, sister... Out... Out, Jezebel! Come out now! Go ahead... Out in the name of Jesus! Come on Destruction! Come on Grief! Jezebel, you're gonna listen to me! Jezebel! Go ahead sister, keep blowing... Jezebel, I'm binding you! She was intended by God to be a virtuous woman! You have no right to her, her husband is the head of her heart(?)! Out, Jezebel! Out! Out! And Jesus said: "... That's right, I'm gonna break your power Jezebel! [?????????????] Go ahead, sister... Go ahead, sister... [?????????????...]

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