Brian Eno - Deep Blue Day Bass Tab
Tabbed by Richard Jones
This song was made famous by the notorious Trainspotting toilet
scene. Not a particularly hard one to tab. All of five minutes of
concentrated listening. Such a picturesque song and easy to play.
The timing is very simple, you'll get it instantly. I sincerely doubt
that this is wrong, if it is, my mail address is up the top there.
Standard EADG tuning.
There are three key parts:
NO. 1 Order of Play
G-------------------------- 1 x No. 1
D-------------------------- 3 x No. 2
A-----9-----9-----9-----9-- 1 x No. 3
E--7-----7-----7-----7----- 1 x No. 2

NO. 2
G-------------------------- I suspect that there is an
D-------------------------- extra E12 (E) note in
A-----14----14----14----14- the movement from 3 to 2.
E--12----12----12----12---- You will only hear this with
headphones on, it is very
NO. 3 minute.

Repeat this to till the song fades out. Note that in the initial
playing of this the very first two notes of No. 1 are extremely hard to
hear as the song starts with a fade in. Either play three or be very
If anyone has ever had a pop at ambient electronic stuff such as Aphex
Twin's Selected Ambient works drop me a line, I know that its electronic
bass but its catchy.. and it'd be nice to play along.

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