My life in the D is a tragicomedy
A poetic verse
It's voodoo, some say, black magic ettouffe
A dead man's curse
It's just like the Egyptian tombs
It's tunnels leading to empty rooms
Skeptics think it's a doctored photo
Of a U.F.O. (U.F.O.)

You're wasting your breath on life after death
'Cause I'm almost sure
If hell does exist, then the Devil's a scientist
Finding the cure
It's life, microscopic-size
Unseen by the naked eye
The answer's encoded with ink
That's invisible

When God made the earth and saw his net worth
He posed for a shot
And life in the D is what was handed to me
And that's what I've got
It's all just a hologram
Locked in a vault, it's a cryptogram
A lie on the polygraph test
It's undetectable
It's undetectable

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