Brendan benson - Feel like myself

Youll be sorry the next time you see me
Youll eat your hat I promise you that
Ill say I told you so and youll bow your head
Ill feel so powerful when your face turns to red

Cause hard luck was all that I had and
I felt stuck in the mud I was a sad and sorry case but Ive turned about face and
I feel great and Im gonna run and I wont beak for nothing or no one
You just waitI feel like myself again

Where were you then my fair weather friend
I was such a mess you couldnt care less
Now that Im over it no thanks to you
Youll say youre owed for it but you know it aint true

I wont forget Im gonna make you regret
The day you was born Im gonna leave you forlorn
Youll beg and youll plead for me to forgive
But Ill see that you bleed as long as I live

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