In this concrete jungle void of charms
With take-out porn and car alarms
No one's bringing armies in to keep the girls from speaking (sin)
Cinder blocks are stacking and the sound of bricks is
Clacking while the cement mixes
When the eyes of workmen stop and fix this
Chick's mouth's full of asterixes

Guttermouth, she spits on every curb
And she flips the boys the bird
And every other word is from the
She grabs her crotch in public
And I guess that they're all stuck with
The Guttermouth, Guttermouth
Guttermouth, Guttermouth

City life is hard to cope with
Sleezy gropers pushing dope
Sometimes survivals only hope's
Is a mouth that needs a wash with soap
And water couldn't clean this town
The sewers run above the ground
The streets are like a lost and found
With vagabonds who spews sounds from the gutter

Guttermouth, mothers disapprove
Of the vile talk and lewdness
Miss, stop the filth protruding from that
Guttermouth, though they try so hard to punish
The boys all wanna run with
The Guttermouth, Guttermouth
Guttermouth, Guttermouth

She's a fortune cookie
Full of nasty puns and proverbs tucked inside her hot and sour mind
But only skin is sugar coated
Words are jagged and corroded
Like the blunt and rusty axe she grinds

Filthy Quips From Dirty Lips

She's got tons of DNA
But all they see is T&A
A perfect lady looks that way
Knows what she can and cannot say
To the bending men who alter their
Direction as the try to halt her
Caterwaul as they assault her
After all this, can you fault her mouth

Oh, guttermouth, her one serenity
Is showing her identity
Ain't in sainthood, but obscenity
Oh, guttermouth, make her feel bad for her curves
Then you're gonna get what you deserve
Straight from that Guttermouth

Guttermouth, she spits on a curb
And she flips the boys the bird
And every other word is from the
Guttermouth, says,
"If you're gonna walk the blocks,
Then you'd better talk the tough talk
Just like a guttermouth"
Guttermouth, Guttermouth


Hey, yeah, hey, yeah, baby
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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