Date: Fri, 2 Feb 1996 19:21:15 -0800
From: [email protected] (Melora Bennett)
Subject: "Hands to Heaven" by Breathe
Eb Cm Fm B
Eb Cm
As I watch you move, across the moonlit room,
Fm B
There's so much tenderness in your loving.
Eb Cm
Tomorrow I must leave, the dawn knows no reprieve.
Fm B
God give me strength when I am leaving,
B Eb Cm
So raise your hands to Heaven, and pray
Eb B
That we'll be back together someday, hey!
Eb Bm
Tonight I need your sweet caress
Cm Fm
(Hold me in the darkness)
Eb Bm
Tonight you calm my restlessness
Cm Fm
(You relieve my sadness)
As we move to embrace, tears roll down your face,
I whisper words of love so softly.
I can't believe this pain, it's driving me insane,
Without your touch life will be lonely

(same chords as verse)
Morning has come, another day, I must pack my bags and say
Goodbye! Goodbye!
(repeat same chords as chorus until fade)
Any comments, additions, or revisions are welcome!

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