С табами

Arthur Mcbride And The Sergeant
Believe in me
Busted Loose
Cold Cold Night
Crazy Dreams
Dance The Romance
Dancer in The Fire
Deep in Your Heart
Follow on
Good Love
Helpless Heart
I Believe in Magic
Just in Time
Lakes of Ponchartrain (с табами)
Let it Happen
Love Hurts
Minutes Away, Miles Apart
Night Hunting Time
Nobody Knows
Not The Only One
Nothing But The Same Old Story
Oh, What a World
Paradise is Here
Sea of Love
Steel Claw
The Great Pretender
The Homes of Donegal
The Island
The Lakes of Ponchartrain (с табами)
The Lakes of Pontchartrain
The Law of Love
The Long Goodbye
The Road to The Promised Land
The Soulbeat
The World is What You Make it
To be The One
Travellin' Light
Trick or Treat
Trouble Round The Bend
Trust in You
Try me One More Time
Walk The White Line
Wheel of Heartbreak