From: winston campbell
Subject: THE CYGNET COMMITTEE by David Bowie
This song took me two hours to figure out. It is probably, in my opinion,
One of the greatest David Bowie songs. It is off of -Space Oddity- and
Quite a track coming in at over nine minutes. It is quite a piece moving
Through so many key changes and other things. Those are things
Characteristic of -Space Oddity-, figuring out songs off that album is
Quite difficult. I was quite frustrated trying to get some of it but now
That I got all of it, I am quite proud and happy I did it. I am typing
This on a word processor program that does not show any quotation or
Apostrophe marks. So to not cause any confusion on the lyrics, I will
Use a ~ for an apostrophe and ~~ for both open and closed quotation marks.
I took the lyrics right off of the album and even capitalized a lot of
Things that were capitalized on the album sleeve. I hope you enjoy this,
(it took me a really strenuous long time to do but I did enjoy doing it

By David Bowie
I bless you madly
Bm Bb D
Sadly as I tie my shoe
I love you badly
Bm Bb D D/C
Just in time, at times, I guess
Bm Bb D D/C
Because of you I need to rest
Bm Bb D
Because it~s you that sets the test
Eb Bbm
So much has gone and little is new
Bbm A
And as the sparrow sings
Dawn chorus for
Someone else to hear
Bbm A
The thinker sits alone
F# Bbm
Growing older
And so bitter
F Bbm
~~I gave Them life, I gave Them all
C Fm
They drained my very soul...dry
F Bbm
I crushed my heart to ease Their pains
C Fm Ab
No thought for me remains there
Bbm Db
Nothing can they spare
What of me?

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