Let the lies go

He's everybodys token, on everybodys wall
Blessin' all the papers, thanking one and all
Hugging all the babies, kissing all the ladies
Knowing all you think about from writing on the wall

{chorus 1}
He's so divine,
His soul shines
Breaks the night,
Sleep tight
His ever lovin' face
Smiles on the whole human race
(He says "I'm somebody")

{chorus 2}
He's got his eye on your soul, his hand on your heart
He says "Don't hurry, baby,
Somebody up there [somebody] likes me"

He's the sabbath son of the TV tube,
Planets wrote the day was due
All the wisest men around
Predicted that a man was found
Who looked a lot like you and me, uh,
Anyone with sense could see
Nothing left his eye un-moved, he
Had the plan, he had to use

{chorus 1 and 2}

Somebody plays my song in tune,
Makes me, makes me, makes me stronger for you, babe
Was a way when we were young, that
Any man was judged by what he'd done
But now you pick them on the screen
[what they look like] where they've been

{chorus 2}

Leaders come
They hate all. The people know
That given time, the leaders go
Tell me, can they hold you under their spell
Can they walk and hold you as well as a
Smile like Valentino?
Could he sell you anything?

{chorus 2}

[somebody, somebody, somebody]
[somebody, somebody]
[somebody, somebody]
[somebody, somebody]
Somebody [somebody]
Somebody [somebody]
Somebody [somebody, somebody]
Yes, somebody [somebody]
Somebody [somebody]
Somebody [somebody, somebody]
Yeah, can't remember [somebody] peace so well
Oh, space to ramble, [somebody] space to boogie
Soul shine [Oow-oow]
He's so divine
He's somebody

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