From: [email protected] (Geordie Rose)
Subject: MY DEATH by Jaques Brel/David Bowie.

Ok. Am I crazy or what. There is this song on David Bowie's
Ziggy Stardust : The Movie (live) called My Death, it is a cover
Of a Jacques Brel song apparently. It is the coolest acoustic song,
Yet I can find it nowhere in netland. I have tried to tab it myself,
But I am just a beginner and I fear that it is being played in
Some wierd tuning (very minor-gothic sound).

If you haven't heard this song, check it out, its worth the
Price of the cassette itself. I will include here the lyrics so that
Someone may be inspired to help me out.

MY DEATH -- David Bowie

My Death waits like
And older wine
So confident
I'll go his way
Whistles ahead
And the passing time

My Death waits like
A beggar blind
Who sees the world
Through an unlit mind
Throw him a dime
For the passing time

My Death waits there
Between your thighs
Your cool fingers
Will close my eyes
Let's pick lilacs for
The passing time....

But whatever lies
Behind the door
There is nothing much to do
Angel or Devil
I don't care
For in front of that door
There is you

My Death waits there
Among the flowers
Where the blackest shadow
Blackest shadow cowers
Let's not think about
The passing time

My Death waits there
In a double bed
Sailors of oblivion
At my head
So pull up the sheets against
The passing time....

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