Annie's kind of sweet, she [*Well, Annie's pretty neat, she*]
Always eats her meat. But
Joey comes on strong [*Joe is awful strong*]
Bet your life, he's putting us on

{Chorus 1}
Oh Lordy, Oh Lordy
You know what I need,
Some lovin'
Rude [*Oh, move me*]
Touch me

{Chorus 2}
John, I'm only dancing
She turns me on
But I'm only dancing
She turns me on
(but) Don't get me wrong
I'm only dancing

Shadow love is quick and clean [*Ah, back street love is quick and clean*]
Life's a well thumbed machine. I
Saw you watchin' from the stairs
You're everyone that ever cared

{chorus 1}
{chorus 2}
{chorus 2}
Oh, John, dance with me
Touch me

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