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Ok, here we go. This is my first post, so deep breaths. This is quite
Tricky to play in parts. It's based on the 'David Live' version - as
I don't have a copy of Mott the Hopple! Have fun. Comments corrections
Etc, mail me.
All the Young Dudes
David Bowie
A D A/C#
Well, Billy rapped all night about his suicide
Bm D/A
How he'd kick it in the head when he was twenty five,
F#m A
Speed ive, don't wanna stay alive when your twenty five.
D A/C#
And Wendy's stealing clothes from unlocked cars, and
Bm D/A F#m
Freddies got spots from rippin' off the stars from his face
(funky little boat race)
Em F#7 Bm
The television man is crazy saying were juvenile deliquent wrecks
G D A(sus4) A
Oh man I need TV when I got T.Rex -
Oh brother you guessed, I'm a dude dad.
D A/C# Bm7
Ah all the young dudes
D/A Am
Carry the news
Boogaloo dudes
C/E Bm C A/C# D
Carry the news
A/C# Bm7
All the young dudes
D/A Am
Carry the news
Boogaloo dudes
C/E Bm C A/C#
Carry the news
Lucy looking sweet 'cos he dresses like a queen,
But he can kick like mule it's a real mean team,
But we can love - oh yes we can love.
And my brothers back at home with his Beatles and his Stones,
We never got it off on all that revolution stuff
What a drag, - too many snags.
Now I drunk a lot of wine and I'm feeling fine -
Got to race some cat to bed - oh is there concrete all around
Or is it it my head - Yeah I'm a dude dad.
Repeat chorus.
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A.D. Walmsley
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