4 play
A chi mi dice
After The Show
Ahhh..If U Come Back From The Coast Christine
Ain't Got You
All Rise (с аккордами)
All Rise
Back it up
Back Some Day
Back To You
Best In Me
Breathe Easy (с аккордами)
Breathe Easy
Can`t Breathe Easy
Curtain falls (с переводом)
Don't Treat Me Like A Fool
Fly By (с переводом)
Fly By II (Remix)
Get Down
Get Down On It
Get Ready
Girl I'll Never Understand
How's a Man Suppose to Change?
How's a Man Supposed to Change
How's A Man Supposed To Change_
Hurt Lovers
I Wanna Know
If It Takes All Night
If You Come Back (с переводом)
If You Come Back (с аккордами)
Lead me Lord
Like a Friend
Lonely This Christmas
Long Time
Love At First Sight
Love R.i.p
Made For Loving You
Make it Happen
Make It Happen (с аккордами)
No Goodbyes
One Love
One Love (с аккордами)
Only Words I Know
Right Here Waiting
Rock The Night
She Told me
Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
Signed, Sealed, Delivered, i
Sorry Seems to be The Hardest Word
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (с аккордами)
Stand up
Stand up as People
Sweet Things
The Gift
This Temptation
Too Close
U Make me Wanna (с переводом)
Walk Away
Whatever Happens
When Summer's Gone
Where You Want me
Where You Want Me (с аккордами)
Why me
Without You