13 Ghosts
Atom-Age Vampire In 308
Beware Of Darkness
Blood Bath = Blood Mind
Break Fuckin' Yourself
Day The Earth Caught Fire
Eerie Night
Fiendish Ghouls
From Hell It Came
Girl From Horrorwood
God Of Mercy Ii
Hands Of 9 Evils
In Your Face
Into The Light Of The 13 Dark Night
Legacy Ii
Long Way
Maybe The Future
Monster Ii
Night Tide
No Resistance 1968
Nowhere #13
Out Of The Blue
Sad Nos. 99
Soke-De Miteita Yami-No Mukou-No Subete-Wo
Sokoni Arubeki Mono No Subete Wo
Sorrow 9
Space Vampire In Silence Noise
Teenage Vampire 49
The Bleeding Light
The End Of Century
The Human Blood
The Silence Of Crows
The Slaughter House
To Kill Your Master
Unvarnished Facts
Vanishes In Oblivion