Should I, could I, would I love her
Should I, would I, could I care
Should I, would I, could I love her
Even when my world is not so clear
Before I met you, I couldnt get through
The day without thinking lifes unfair
I had no desire to aim higher and higher
As I wallowed in my deep rut of despair
Then came you, out of the blue
To cloud all my judgment with your face
Put my fingers on the edge of that slippery ledge
And I tried to lift myself out of that place...and I said
Chorus 2x
Left brain, right brain, somewhere in the middle
Im spinning round and round my thoughts are playing second fiddle
To my Id
Im flippin my lid thats what you did
You came around at the wrong time
When my life had no reason, yeah baby, reason or rhyme

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