We met a year ago, both were feeling low
And we found each other needing to get inside
Each other\'s dreams and hearts, that\'s where love\'s vision starts
But that Sunday when I left you was the end of the ride, and
There was never a day when thoughts of you passed me by
There was never an hour when my eyes remained dry
There was never a minute when I couldn\'t see your face, cuz
There was never a second embrace
We walked along the shore, and hoped forevermore
That we could drink in the moment at emotions peak
But at the break of dawn, our time had come and gone
Oh God, why are there only seven days in a week
You had to go back to the east, I had to go back to the west
We had to go back to our drawing boards, and try to make the best
In my dreams of many nights, is where you now live
As I look for clues to changes in you that my 8x10 can\'t give
Chorus 3x

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