(D. Carten/D.Roberts/C.Baker/H. Turnip)
Wake up in the morning,
And what do I see?
A million different printouts all waiting for me
Laser printer, colour printer, S.I.C too
Its getting too much, far too much for me to do
(Too much, getting too much, too much to do)
Trolls are meant to skip and play,
Not to collate bloody printing all day
How can we program our database
Without a million printouts slapped in our face

(Spoken: Thats 5p please! No, you must have sent that to the colour
printer, yes, you'll have to send it again please...sorry about that)
One of these days gonna quit this mess
(Quit the mess, quit it now)
If the printing don't stop coming to my desk
(Tell me how, tell me how)
They should bring back Loz, cos noone can forget
The way he said "Nothings come through for you yet"
(Repeat Chorus Twice)
(Ad Lib to fade)

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