Then you see it happened again
The world turned over
Wouldn’t it be something to live
Your Life On Mars
Or at least demanding some kind of masquerade

I never never ever believed in things uncertain
Hanging round the corner just when, just start doing time
In the case of I my me and mine October Nineteen sixty nine

Where were you in Seventy Six, the long hot summer
You wanna be a rebel and turn your hosepipes on
With two years to wait for the sound of Jilted John

Virginia Wade was winning our hearts
She made us want to live
Vicious and his brothers were trying to set us free
But much more than this to you and me
This was the Silver Jubilee

We made something out of nothing
Sense of loathing and belonging

Some of us were gonna be rich with the Iron Lady
Lennon’s gone already, let’s post the boys to war
Oh mother what you worrying for
He’s somewhere he’s not been before

Then you see the Union Jack and it means nothing
But somehow you know that you will find your own way
It’s a small reminder everyday that I was born in the U.K.

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