Date: Sat, 23 Mar 1996 20:55:45 -0500
From: Jean-Francois Racine
Subject: Empty causes by Bad Religion
Empty causes
By Bad Religion from
The Grey Race Album
1st verse:
[C]Everywhere you [G]looked there was [Am]confusion, violence,
[Em]drama and [F]dru[G]gs
[C]So many rigtheous [G]revolutionaries [Am]spouting
[Em]utopian [F]love
[E]Everyone shouted in purple[Am]haze
Then one [E]day they woke up from their dream [Am]state
They found [G#]themselves no more at peace then [D#]before
Older, meek and con[G]formed
Chorus 1:
[C]Em[G]pty [Am]causes[Em]
A [F]bluster for the soul, a [G]fix for the mind
[C]Em[G]pty [Am]causes[Em]
[F]Cling to every[G]thing you [C]find[G]
2nd verse:
[C]Well, the shots rang out like [G]popcorn and the [Am]chief was hit
And [Em]rushed out of [F]si[G]te
[C]The mohawk-chained, [G]leather brigade re[Am]joiced malicious[Em]ly
On that [F]night [E]Someone cried out "Fuck the govern[Am]ment"
[E]His mates couldn't define what he [Am]meant
So no [G#]one gave him the time of [D#]day And the scene died a[G]way
Chorus 2:
[C]Em[G]pty [Am]causes[Em]
A [F]war for the body, an [G]army in the mind
[C]Em[G]pty [Am]causes[Em]
[F]Losing steam as [G]time goes by[C]
[F]Could it be that [G]everybody [C]selfish[B]ly de[Am]sires their[G#]
Own personal [D#]reti[A#]nue?
And the [F]causes are [G]just manifesta[C]tions of [B]too much [Am]time
And [G#]far too little to[D#]do[G]
(Guitar solo in C major)
Chorus 3:
[C]Em[G]pty [Am]causes[Em]
[F]Direction for the soul, [G]conviction for the mind
[C]Em[G]pty [Am]causes[Em]
[F]Cling to it all[G] everything you find
[C]Em[G]pty [Am]causes[Em]
A [F]war for the body, an [G]army in the mind
[C]Em[G]pty [Am]causes[Em]
[F]You've got yours and [G]I've got mi[C][G][Am][Em][F][G]ne
[F(VIII)]Aah aah [F(I)]aah aah [C]aah
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Jean-Francois Racine
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