You took a time bomb
And a case of crackers
And you made a maelstrom of organic debris
Then you took a work bench
And a rusty anvil
And you polished them for everyone to see
You have created an unhealthy monster
But you're nowhere but nowhere to be found
So i guess i'll just cope with my provisions
From now until the day they lay me down
You took a baboon
And made him perfect
You took a lion
And stripped him of his pride
Then you took a million more vareties
A spalpel and a sartory
And you stiched up a horrible surprise
You have created an unsocial monster
And you're searched for all over the globe
And most believe that things would sure be better
If you'd come down here and tell us what you know
Who is to blame for this
Someone tell me please
His handiword is flawed
And it's there for all to see
Mutations, aberrations and a blatant anomalies
They multiply and give rise to his...monstrosity
You took the most abundant smallest bits of matter
And you instilled them with affinity
And then you stratified accumulations
Weeded out bad variations
And blended up your unique recipse
You have created a powerful monster
With direction and a purpose all its own
And if you were here
Would things be any different?
Or are you just a mosaic of thoughts alone?

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