A little white picketfence around your heart
It's everything you wanted, now it's tearing you apart
You're gonna raise a family now, but you don't know where to start
I remember you

Me, I pack a suitcase, and move from town to town
A little east of Eden, too late to turn around
Now you're not so wise, you dance out of control, I remember you

Are you cryin' in your sleep tonight
When you're lying with him, do you turn out the light
Are you hiding in your dreams tonight
In your world I will be the ghost in your heart, the ghost in your heart

When you said you couldn't take it and you had to settle down
That I was the wild one, with both feet off the ground
I could never understand you, but I loved you anyhow, I remember now


(Instrumental break)

Something in your first kiss, that's written in the sand
We held it for a moment, but it slipped right through our hands
I stare at your reflection, and sometimes see my face
I remember you, you remember too

Chorus repeats 2x...

In your heart, in your heart, ghost in your


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