Sometimes I feel, a bit of heaven. It's still lingering in the air. Then I
See memories everywhere. And our room is full of heartache. Every time
When I look around. I'm on my own. Since you've been gone. I don't who's
To blame. And I don't know what to do now.
The only thing I know. That I can't stop loving you.


I feel the RAIN IN MY HEART little baby. RAIN IN MY HEART tonight. And I
See visions of blue.
Visions of you are running through my mind. I feel the RAIN IN MY HEART
Tonight. Rain in my burning eyes.
Oh baby I want you near. Want you to be here. I want you back in my arms.

You broke my heart without a warning. When you simply told me, .
Wanna know. Every reason why.
So was it me who did you wrong? Why can't I keep your loving alive? Please
Let me know. What can I do?


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