A storm is raging in my soul, raging in my head. Why did you burn the
Bridges down? It's true the words you said.
So listen to the sound, to the sound inside your heart. And then remember
Things we had and how we made it start.


MON AMIE. MON AMIE. Won't you take your heartache from me? MON AMIE. MON
AMIE. I need love. I need sympathy.
MON AMIE. MON AMIE. Can't you see you are still the love of my life?
MON AMIE. You're the woman for me, you're the sun of my beautiful light.

You made me think that love could last, until eternity. I still believe in
Everlasting burning ecstasy.
I'm not the only one who is longing for your touch. But in this world I am
The one who's loving you too much.


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