Words cannot explain how much you mean to me. I long to hear you say I'll
Be the one.
Long to hear you say that you will take my hand. Tell me pretty baby. Can I
Be your man?
Through many things and time this love has changed. You broke my heart I
Feel the burning pain.


LOVE DON'T COME EASY. Everyday I wake, I hope it won't be long. LOVE DON'T
COME EASY. Will you be my woman?
I will be your man.

Take me in your arms. So girl come back to me. Don't you know this love
Could be so real.
When they call your name I feel a burning pain. Give me all your love and
Ease my pain. Behind those tears I cried for you.
Now tell me baby what am I to do?


Promised me the heavens and you gave me hell. Many dream

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