I know how it feels to be all alone. In the darkness of the gloomy night.
Since you've been gone, I just close my eyes.
And I'm going to start to fantasize. I touch your body, kiss your lips.
And I even need a love inside.
Shadows, dreaming, and I start to realize.


FOR YOUR LOVE. FOR YOUR LOVE. FOR YOUR LOVE. I'm gonna to give my life away.
FOR YOUR LOVE, FOR YOUR LOVE, FOR YOUR LOVE. I'm trying harder everyday. I
Want you (I want you).
I want you by my side, I cannot spend my life without you. Want you back.
Want you back. I cannot save your touch.
You know the way I feel about you. (Know the way I feel about you) FOR

Forget what I did, the words that I said. Like a fool I tumbled into lies.
I promise you girl.
I'll give you what I got. To make you rearrange your mind. I touch your
Body. Kiss your lips.
Gonna love you till the morning light. Blue hearts. Calling. Don't you realize.


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