Sometimes you got to try and know the reason why, Got to change your plans
Take a chance, Looking in the glass,
You wonder how it lasts, Not a day not a day, same old way.
Talking about a kind of vision. Taking all your blues away. Got to find
Your own religion, So here is how we play.


BANG BANG BANG. It's your Bang. BANG BANG BANG. Don't let him tell you that
You cannot swing.
BANG BANG BANG. Be free cuz it's your Bang. Your Bang 2x.

Get it to the groove shake your body make your move, Let the rhythm take
You to the floor, Oh you sweat, you're mind soak and wet, That's what you
Came in here for, From LA to Chicago, From Moscow to Tokyo, From Berlin to
Milano. It don't matter where you go.
Beat up your drums, you're living in a coma. Get off your bums, You make
Your body go now,
It is too serious to make your life go solo, now. Feel free to check. Check
Out the way we show ya.


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