You tried to hide yourself in a shell. You wanted heaven but you got hell.
And then the darkness gained control over you.
When everything turned into bitter blue. You went into the land of no return.
I cry over you. Baby Blue. I cry over you. Baby Blue.
They never ever gave you a chance. No dreams. No hopes. No helping hand.
Someone took all the colors out of your life. That's when one night you
Left it all behind. You went into the land of return.

Dancing with the Bad Boys(1991)
As you see, like me, we can get you in a groove. When you feel, it's real,
And will not be confused.
Standing all alone and as a pair on the floor, keeeping on the go as you know.
Dancing with the bad boys, dancing all night long. Dancing with the bad
Boys, dancing all night long.
Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah (5x)
It's light, its alright, you can boogy hear the beat. We'll mellow like
Jello, shaking on every street.
I say, hey people do you know the way? Let's get together and then you will
Start to stay.

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