Take my heart. Come beam it up. Never let this feeling stop. Drop, your
Love on me. Girl I love you, Can't you see?
You're in my head, you're in my mind. A Love like hers is hard to find.
Girl you're my shining star. Sweet, that's what you are.
Help me make it through the night. Be my lover, be my life. Stay with me,
And feel the heat, Girl, you're all I need.
Fear no fighting, fear no force, never let us get divorced Ooh, I feel so
Fine. Yeah, Gonna make you mine.


Gonna make you mine. Do it right in time . Let me take you anyway forever.
(2x) Gonna make you mine. Do it right in time.(2x)
Anyway forever.

I dream of you. Oh yes, it's true. Without your love I'm feeling blue.
This is our night. Tonight's the night.
Celebrating yours with candle lights I can't be holding back for love You
Must be sent from high above
And if you think that dissipates. No you break. I'm hungry for the words
You say Can't wait in vain for another day
Call anytime and I'll be there. I'll always love you yes I swear. The
Rhythm of my heart beats fast. Forever, Our love will last.
I'm feeling fine Yeah, gonna make you mine.

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