I’ll never find a girl like you

Oh... I’ll never find I’ll never find someone like you

Girlyou take my breath away and when I with someone new I’d rather be here
With you babyforever ooh my heart belongs to you girl I’m thinking ’bout you
All the time I know my love is true when we’re together I played around girl
And I made you cry when I looked up you were saying goodbye I’m begging you
Please I need you so bad don’t leave me now you’re the best that I’ve had

Chorus: I’ll never I’ll never find someone like you no I’ll never I promise
It’s true oh I’ll never I’ll never find someone like you ooh baby cuz I love
The way that you are and girl I won’t no I won’t let you go no one could ever
Do love me like I love you

All I have is just my heart and my feelings I give to you that’s all that I can
Do girl babyforever ooh you don’t know that you’re hurting me cuz it’s not
Just a sexual thing I wanna share my dreams babytogether oh girl I’m afraid
Just to give you the love my heart’s telling me to hold on to our love but when
You get close I want you to know I start to get weak and I can’t let you go


Just your smile that’s all I need think again girl I won’t let you down girl i
Will never find someone that compares to you

Chorus (2x)

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