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Hello again! Here are the locations of the chords you need:
Note:these are the 4 finger type "on top of the
Low E "
A = 5th fret
C = 8th fret
G = 3rd fret
D = 10th fret
The F#,G notes for the 1st part of the refrain,is played on
The low E ,2nd and 3rd frets.
The C#,D part is played on the A (5th string) 4th and 5th
Hope this helps you better ! Mark.....
Here is the rest of the locations just so you know !
E = open Bb= 6th
F = 1st B = 7th
F#= 2nd C# = 9th
G#= 4th
Oh well,got to do some work. let me know
How you made out! See Ya! Mark......

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