Im sitting here, thinkin bout how im gonna do without
you around in my life
And how am i gon' get by?
Aint got no days, just lonely nights
If you want the truth, well girl im not alright
Feel outta place and outta time
I think im gonna lose my mind

So tell me how you feel
Are you forreal?
Do you still think of me baby still?
Do you dream of me at night?
(Seems like i dream you all the time)
So lonely
Oh let me tell you how it feels
(Its like everyday i die)
Wish i was dreamin, but its real
(When i open up my eyes)
Oh let me tell you how it feels
(And dont see your pretty face)
I think that i will never love again

I miss your face, i miss your kiss
I even miss the arguemnts
That we would have from time to time
I miss you standin by my side
Im dying here, its clear to see
If there aint no you, God knows there aint no me
Dont wanna live, i wanna die
If i cant have you in my life

[Repeat hook]

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