What must i say to you
To get inside your head
Why must you always think
I wanna get in your pants
And why i always gotta be
The closest thing to wrong
Sometime the only thing a brother need
He need a woman to be strong
Well i ain't cryin', i ain't cryin'
Done 'bout run out of tears
But you're the closest thing to heaven
I need you to be near
Hear me darlin', hear me darlin'
I can't make it more clear
The only thing that's gonna get me through
Is if i got you right here

Ooo girl, talk to me
You're the only one that comforts me
My only reality is i want you for my woman
Ooo girl speak to me
Let me hear you sayin' that you're
Stayin' with me
I know my reality is without you
I ain't nothing' at all

Why does everything i say to you have
To be suspect
Feel like the only wayi'll get with you
Somethin' blows off my head
Well i ain't tryin' to go out like that
I wanna keep myself clean
Sometime the only thing a brother need
He need the strenght from his queen
I ain't lyin', i ain't lyin', done 'bout
Run out of time
The only time i wanna do right now
Is feel you by my side

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