I was born on the northside of a
Midwestern town
There was nine of us living in a
Three bedroom house
Didn't have much money, but we made do
'cause momma worked all day long,
And daddy did too
Did all they could,
Made sure we had clothes and food
Went to public schools and we
Followed public rules
We used second hand books, but oh
I didn't mind the books
Momma taught us early in life, everybody's gotta
Struggle sometime

Bring back those simple times of yesterday
When a man was a man
And a friend was a friend
Bring back those simple times of yesterday
When you said what you meant
And you meant what you said

Had a friend named bobby,
Who always kept his word
We went throught schoolyard fights
Had a thing for pretty girls
Didn't cost much money to
See the picture show
So we hopped the bus into town,
That's where all the girlies used to go
Fifty cents would buy us popcorn for two
'cause bobby's girl, she worked there and some-,
Times she'd break the rules
Picnics i the summer,
Wouldn't wake up 'till noon
And evern though bobby's gone now,
I can still hear him laugh
In the middle of june


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