All I Do
All Over Again
All Over Again (Break Up To Make Up)
Back In Your Arms
Boom Boom Boom
Can I Get Your 7's
Dance 4 U
Dry Your Eye
Erica Cane
Erika Cane
Erika Kane
Get'cha Head In The Game
Gotta Get Her
How You Not Gonna
I Must Love Drama
In My Bedroom
Let It Be
Let Me Know
Let's Groove
Make That Change
Myspace To My Place
No More Games
No One Else
Nothin Bout Me
Put Me On
Right To Left
Shining Star
Siamese Cat Song
So Incredible
So Pretty
Someday At Christmas
Take You Out
Teacher's Pet
Tear Drops
Things I Would Do
What's Good
Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf
You Don't Know
You Got Me
Your Way