N: Ay yo god
Meet me at the Denise Williams concert tonight man
Everybody there Stacy Latterson(?) Teen Marie (right right)
everybody man (yeah yeah no doubt)
I'm a bring one of my baddest stallions out you know
You do the same iight
AZ: You know how we play baby listen
I"m in the car wash right now but i'm a hit u soon as
I'm right over there
Right in the front right?
N: Yeah
AZ: Ok, iight got you

N: Son who laced you wit the ill haircut
A: Lenny he blessed me wit the sharp blade
That nigga's paid
N: He make a pretty penny
A: Yo you hurt wit them new pradas (true)
Check mine they royal blue
N: My shits is baby blue
A: They powder blue
N: Yo' shits is hotter
A: You hotter wit them frames on
N: Nigga you James Bond and you stay low
A: You know my style babe bro (yeah)
N: Make dough, manicure, facial, face glow
A: Fuck it if u say so I keep it P.I.!!!!!!
N: Thats how we break hoes
We throwin ivory dice across the concrete
A: And of course that don't make him yo' man because yo' palms meet
N: We had the boxes bumpin la-dee da-dee (word)
Shotties was blastin, pellets jumpin into everybody
A: They never got me
was cool wit all the park shooters
sparkin bazookas sharpen your tooters
cause we don't part in this newsers(?)
N: Yo son i wouldn't change my life for nuttin
A: And that ain't like u for frontin
N: Who's the nicest?
A: 'nuff talkin light somethin
Yo we hard hit
just like Camacho and Vargas
Who's the target
now watch how we close the market
We both hard hit,
just like Hagler and Hearns
Add the math be concerned
if its beef you burn
Yo its sorta like Cartier(?) and Bill Cosby
Lets do it again
a beautiful blend
lets do it to win
My nigga
My nigga
My niggas
My niggas
My niggas
My niggas
N: What's todays mathematics
A: We had it, we let 'em hold, it we shoulda sold it
N: We back at it
We coulda grabbed it but fuck it just let 'em have it
A: Come through allah
N: allah or akbar
A: god is the greatest
N: planet Mars we carved into faces
A: You couldn't catch us in the car without the bangers
believe, i touched a couple a movie stars and entertainers
N: Indeed, one in particular almost started to name her
I was there when u first pushed up and started to game her
A: Been a long journey certain shit just don't concern me
N: They ain't hurtin shit, we flip, they hire attorneys
A: Yo i'm a stay custom
Til i'm all gray and rust and
reminiscin' the number
chickens that claim we fucked 'em
N: Bed some badder hoes than them motherfunky rappers chose
I"m tryin to wife a chick light a spliff
this might be like another part to Life's A Bitch
A: Right ya lips, who's nice as this, we righteousness, no mic assist, its murderous
Granted the right to flip
Like Spinks and Hearns....(music to fade)

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