С переводом

A Little Mercy
Against A Brick Wall
All My Life
Another Day
At The Crack Of Dawn
Back In My Bones
Battlefield Of Life
Brandnew World
Brother Moon
C'est La Vie
Desert Song (с переводом)
Eyes Of Darkness
Fan The Flames
Fire And Ice
Flashback Radio
For A Song
Freedom Comes
Get Down
Gimme Back The Paradise
Heaven In Black
Heaven in Black, Heaven in Blue
Heaven's 7th Train
Hide Away
Hold You
Hold You (Acoustic Version)
Ice On Fire
Just A Story
Just One Night
Keep Flying
Kingdom Of The Night
Kings Made Of Steel
Larger Than Life
Like A Sphinx
Little Look Back
Little War
Living In A World
Living In A World (Extended Version)
Lost In Love
Lova And Pain
Love Doesn't Know Any Distance
Love Is Like An Ocean
My Little Princess
Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye
Never Say Never
No Advice
On My Own
One Million Faces
Only God Knows
Road To Never Neverland
Rolling Like Thunder
Save Me
Sea Of Love
Shadows Of The Light
Ships Are Sailing
Stay Don't Leave Me
Tears Of The Trees
The Four Horseman
The Wolf
The World Is Looking In Their Eyes
Touch The Rainbow
Voodoo Vibes
Watch Out
Water Drop
When The Sun Goes Down
White Lights
Why Not (с переводом)
Without You
World Of Mistery
Young Souls