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All's Fair In Love + War
All's Fair In Love And War
Body Double
Deep Blue Shadows
Dream Of A Lifetime
Dyin to Live (с табами)
Dyin' To Live
Fools Paradise
Ghost Of Winter
Hard Luck
Inside Out
Laughing In Your Face
Letters In The Rain
Living In The Grey
Misery Loves Company
Moonlight In Your Blood
Nobody Knows
Now You Know
Picture Perfect
See You Someday
She Likes it on Top (с табами)
She Likes It On Top
She's My Salvation
Show A Little Love
Sign Of The Times
Stop The Hate
The Day i Met You (с табами)
The Day I Met You
The More That You Get
The Needle And Your Pain
The Promised Land
The World Stopped Turning
Those Who Prey
True Believer
Vision In The Night
Voices In My Walls
Waiting In The Dark