When I first saw you
I never thought I would love you
At all, or at least as I do now
I don??™t know when it happened or how
When we were best friends, all we did was hang out, laugh, and joke
Never did I stutter, or choke
Until just this year, I don??™t know why
I became extremely shy
I look at you and look away
For I don??™t know what to say
Now it??™s the last day of school
Everyone thinks this day is so cool
But not for me
For it is today, that I see
How dumb I??™m being, acting
While I??™m hiding, last year we??™d be talking
The last day, last year,
You said goodbye, and now we??™re here
Will it ever be the same?
Will we ever just sit and talk, it used to be that way
Now I??™m not sure it can come to be
For I am no longer the old me
I am shy, I am weak
Seemed to have broken my good-girl streak
The thing that keeps me going everyday
Is that you look past all that and see me, the old way
You see me, and I see you, what??™s the problem, then?
I don??™t know, but I want to be the best friends we used to be

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