I used to be the one who would long to hear Your voice
a child who sought to win his Father's heart
but as I carried on, life's got a hold on me
now here I am a son so far from home


Tell me when did I loose my first love?
Where did the fire and passion go?
Burn in me Your holy fire give me back my lost desire and restore in me the love I felt for You

can I remember how it felt?
When they looked into my face
and they saw the love of Jesus in my eyes
when I looked back on my life
and questioned where I’ve been
can I really say I’ve done my best for you?

Where did I lose my first love?
Am lost and am alone
O help me please
lord lead me home

Father take me back and let me start again
Lord I failed an I am fallen in my pride
Lead me back to you where my life began
Revive in me the yearning that has died

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