I look around and it's the same old situation on a different day
These masses of confrentation beating me down
I'm picking at the pieces to put them all back into place
A never ending crossword of questions colaberates
While asking myself, where are we going in time?

But hey, everyday, I'll pick my feet up off the ground
And well hey everyday you're gonna see, I don't make believe
That everything is okay, but in the end
The life that you choose to lead is your fate
You'll see

Communication with yourself and asking, "Is this really where I want to be?"
No Way!
Patronized, antagonized, and bound beyond the boundaries of everyday life
A mutual enmity for a system of conformity, and asking myself,
Is this really where I want to be?
Anchors away, don't let it drag you down oh no!

Well I know by now, but keep wondering how
How many times will I fall?
I'll keep standing tall!

Well everything you talk about and everything you see!
Everybody's trying to tell you who you want to be!
Don't try to seperate reality from dreaming!
Trust yourself, keep on believing!
I think I can is all that you can really tell yourself
Keep moving on and moving on and someday my friend oh yeah you're gonna see!

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