(Rцderer, Scharf / Krull)
You, my allies concentrate !
Power of nature- storm and typhoon
Wind and cyclone, tornado, storm tide
Surprise attack !
Triumph at dawn
When the world is still asleep
Triumph at dawn
Glorious victory
Glaring lightning strikes, thunder rolls
The deluge is raping the land
Ice and fire bring up the rear
United impact
Rising force
Bowels of the earth break out
Erthquakes crush the ground
The whole land is bleeding
In fiery heat
We march to end years of depotism
Our banners cares dark colours in the sky
Never shall be the empire of sadness again
Conquer, dehumanize the only command
Triumph at dawn
Fall of tyranny
Triumph at dawn
Glorious victory
Morbid intelligence shall banned forever
Overthrown by superior strenght
Seizure of power frees garden mould
Spirit over power, force over mind
(Leads: Rцderer)

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