Anarchy 999
Atari Teenage Riot
Atari Teenage Riot Ii
By Any Means Necessary
Death Star
Delete Yourself ! You Got No Chance To Win !
Destroy 2000 Years of Culture
Deutschland (has Gotta Die!)
Digital Harcore
Fuck All!
Get Up While You Can
Ghost Chase
Hetzjagd Auf Nazis !
Into The Death
Kids Are United !
Midijunkies (Oscillate Mix)
No Success
Not Your Business
Redefine The Enemy
Revolution Action
Riot 1995
Sick to Death
Start The Riot !
Start The Riot!
The Death Of A President D.I.Y.!
The Future Of War
The Virus Has Been Spread
The Western Decay
Too Dead For Me
U.S. Fade Out
You Can't Hold Us Back
Your Uniform Does Not Impress Me !