"Like Always"
(Larry Ramos - Bob Alcivar - Tony Ortega)
Intro [3/4]:
E7#9 [N.C.] G7 G#7
/ / / / / /
Verse 1 [3/4]:
A7 D7 G7 C7
Stepping off a stone, while I'm walking all alone
A7 D7 G7 C7
Walking all alone, like always
F7 Bb7 Eb7 Ab7
I got me a new car, it doesn't get me too far
A7 D7 A7 D7
I'm all out of gas, like always
Verse 2:
Gotta pay the rent, but all my money's spent
All my money's spent, like always
I wonder where my pay went, missed another payment
I'm all out of bread, like always
Chorus [3/4] (chords implied by vocal harmonies):
F#m7 B13 F#m9 B13 F#m7 B13 F#m9 B13
Girl, let the world have my money, I don't care
Em7 A13 Em9 A13 C7 F7-5
Girl, make my troubles seem funny and small
Bm7-5 E7
In no time at all
Bridge [4/4]:
A7 D7
Hey, girl...
I been down so long
Yeah, why should it be
G7 C7
If I get to feeling high just thinking
High just thinking
Wrong if I get high
A7 D7
Of you alone Can make up for the
You alone you alone
Only you alone
G7 C7
Bad times (unintelligible)
For the bad times and (unintelligible)
F7 Bb7
If you go it will be the same again
I'll be down another friend
Let me say it once again, don't you let it
A7 D7 A7
Slip away like always (don't go)
Don't slip away like always
[repeat chorus]
Verse 3:
Things have got to move, I've been too long in this groove
Too long in this groove, like always
Things are getting better, ever since I met her
Oh, oh - there she goes, mmm-mmm
A7 D7
Like always
A7 D7 A7 D7
Uh-huh, like always
A7 D7 [continue w/backing vocals to fade]
(Slip away like always)
[spoken: I don't know what to do about that girl
She just comes and goes and goes and goes...]
-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers

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