Got to say hello, it's a lucky day
Kiss the moon goodbye and be on our way
It's a lucky day 'cause I found you
Gonna build a new world around you
Touch the sun and run, it's a lucky day
Hello life, goodbye Columbus
I've got a feelin' that you're gonna hear from us
You're gonna know that we've taken the world by surprise
Got that look in our eyes
Its a lucky day, just for changin'
Leavin' the old world behind
Lucky day for walkin' a new road
Just to clear your mind
It's a day for startin' a new way
Tellin' the old one goodbye
Lucky day for gettin' above it
Spread your wings and fly
[repeat chorus]
It's a lucky day (goodbye Columbus...)
[repeat chorus]
It's a lucky day, yeah
Goodbye, goodbye Columbus
Coda [repeat to fade]:
Goodbye, goodbye Columbus
Goodbye, goodbye Columbus

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