This evening really came as some surprise
It showed me just how little faith
I think back when you couldn't criticize
You sure were glad to see my face

But now your TRUE COLORS are giving away
^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ( not on album )
your lies
TRUE COLORS seeing them in your eyes


For you the tables [sic] turned full circle now
And all those people you call friends
See who defends you when you're down again
Don't count on money-spinners then

They could be my TRUE COLORS maybe
^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^ ( not on album )
you'll see them then
TRUE COLORS twisting the knife again


You did what you wanted to do
I lived to fight another day
I know what I want you to do, [just] pack your bags
( ^^^^ in song, not liner )
and get away

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