Every time you're walkin' by I feel the vibe inside there's something about the way you walk, that's giving me butterflies maybe the planets have aligned maybe it's all in my mind so let me just introduce myself before i get too shy I've seen you in my dreams at night to you i fantasize you caught my eye your just so fine you caught my mind your just so fine I'm burning up for you I'm burning up for you i see diamonds in the sky touch my hand and i can fly all this is a mystery so come on come on and dance with me I can't believe it's 4am where did the time go i could sit her for days and days just hanging with you alone we got an instant history some supernatural chemistry can't you feel it,feel it oh but I'm giving you my number now before this goes too far it's getting really hot in here and soon it will be hard to say goodnight this time's not right so say goodnight before i die you make me feel like fire is this love or just desire i'm burning up for you i'm burning up for you

Thanks to Mad Dog

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